My name is Nick. I love reading (and writing) about all things sports, math, and technology. Right now, I'm studying computer science at Waterloo.

More about me

I'm going into my fourth year at the University of Waterloo for Computer Science (graduating in 2021). I've worked in a fairly diverse set of roles: I've been a full-stack web dev, a data scientist and a data engineer. (Oh, and I was planning on being an actuary before switching to CS). I like writing code all over the stack and learning about new tech.

A big part of my life outside of work revolves around sports. For the past two years, I've mainly been playing ultimate, both on Waterloo's club team as well as on a Kitchener-based touring team. I was also able to play with NYU's team while interning in NYC. Here's the only filmed game I've ever played in: the CUUC 2019 game to go to Division 1. Besides ultimate, I continue to play hockey, and during high school I also played soccer, baseball and swam for the school's team.

Before coming to university, I lived in Doha, Qatar for six years. Doha is very centrally located and I was able to travel a lot while I was there: between sports tournaments, service trips and family vacations, I've visited 25 countries. I've also lived in New York for a total of eight months while on internships.

In my free time, I like to write articles. I've published some on Medium but I'm planning on transitioning everything to my blog from now on so I can customize them a bit more. The only common theme shared by the articles is "Things Nick Finds Interesting and Will Sink Too Much Time Into". Hopefully you find them interesting too.

About this site

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