My name is Nick. I love reading (and writing) about all things sports, math, and technology. Right now, I'm working at Noom in New York as a full stack engineer.

More about me

I'm an alumnus from the University of Waterloo where I studied Computer Science. I've worked in a fairly diverse set of roles: I've been a full-stack web dev, a data scientist and a data engineer. (Oh, and I was planning on being an actuary before switching to CS). I like writing code all over the stack and learning about new tech.

A big part of my life outside of work revolves around sports. From 2018 to 2020, I mainly played ultimate, both on Waterloo's club team as well as on a Kitchener-based touring team. I was also able to play with NYU's team while interning in NYC. Here's the only filmed game I've ever played in: the CUUC 2019 game to go to Division 1. Besides ultimate, I continue to play hockey and picked up cycling as a pandemic hobby as well.

Before coming to university, I lived in Doha, Qatar for six years. Doha is very centrally located and I was able to travel a lot while I was there: between sports tournaments, service trips and family vacations, I've visited 25 countries. After finishing university, I moved to NYC in January of 2022 after traveling through Canada and Europe in 2021.

About this site

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