4th-year Computer Science major at the University of Waterloo. Tech enthusiast who loves working with data and writing code across the stack.

Seeking internships for Spring 2020 and Fall 2020.

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Data Engineer

Munich Re

  • Developed custom visualization, navigation and annotation components for reviewing medical PDFs in the browser
  • Managed the production deployment of a hosted PDF viewer using Docker and CI/CD pipelines
  • Orchestrated machine learning pipelines with Airflow

Data Scientist

Munich Re

  • Researched and implemented a parallelized, clustering-based algorithm to reduce dimensionality in datasets with correlated features
  • Developed black-box model interpretation tools in Python and React
  • Evaluated alternative data sources using interpretable random forest models

Software Developer

Bonfire Interactive

  • Developed new features for the core procurement app with Angular and Node
  • Kickstarted the consolidation of several backend services into a Node API
  • Spearheaded the addition of an integration testing framework to ensure stability across Bonfire services



Generalized knight simulator and visualizer

C++, OpenCV, d3.js
  • Analyzed movement of general chess knights using BFS and Random Walk algorithms
  • Built a path visualization module using C++, OpenCV
  • Implemented animated visualizations in d3 for the explorative post on my blog


Templated resume generator

  • Built a resume template engine to generate resumes from JSON data
  • Supports TeX, HTML output with potential to add other formats
  • Used as the basis for my personal site as well as this resume
  • Built a web scraper in Python to aggregate baseball box score data
  • Constructed a neural net from the ground up using linear algebra primitives
  • Analyzed the relationship between past seasons and future success

Teaching and Research

Research Assistant

Stereo 3D Images (Supervisor: Lesley Istead)
  • Researched algorithms for consistent stereo 3D line drawings
  • Implemented a 3D image stylization algorithm in OpenCV

Teaching Assistant

Math and Computer Science
  • Organized and presented end-of-term review sessions for hundreds of students
  • Prepared weekly review courses for first year courses
  • Specialties: Functional Programming, Linear Algebra, Statistics


University of Waterloo

Computer Science (9/2016 - 4/2021)

91 Average, Dean's List in 5 of 6 terms

Favourite Courses: Theory of Computation, Science Fiction, Game Theory


Programming Languages

Python, JavaScript/Node, C/C++, Golang, Matlab

Frontend Frameworks

React, Angular

Data Science

NumPy, Pandas, Scikit-learn

Graphics and Visualization

OpenCV, OpenGL, d3.js

Cloud environments

AWS, Azure

Everything else

MySQL, Docker, Git


Ultimate Frisbee

I've played for my university's school team for three seasons.

I also played on NYU's team while living in New York.

Creative Writing

I write articles about various math, sports and business topics on my blog.

I'm also a hobbyist short story writer.

Bike Rides

While in New York I biked to work every day, as well as to all five boroughs.